Handmade wigs and facial for stage and screen. Group and one-to-one wig making courses.

  • Wig Design for Stage & Screen

  • Postiche Design & Making

  • Wig Making for Personal Wear

  • Wig Refurbishments & Styling

  • Bespoke Wig Making Workshops

  • Wig Consultancy

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We are a working team of wig makers and hair creation experts, on hand to help you with your project from start to finish.

Hair loss can be stressful so our primary objective is to minimise the strain by offering a discreet service around your schedule.Confidential yet approachable Campbell Wigs understand that every request is unique, we encourage communication between the client and designer to ensure spectacular results.

We offer private detailed consultations dedicated to planning your individual design along with a no-obligation quote. Choose to visit our Brighton location or arrange for us to visit you at home, a preferred salon or even at your workplace.

Experienced in producing exceptional work for film, television, theatre and high-profile clients, our creations are made from scratch using authentic natural lace, conscientiously sourced hair using traditional and reliable techniques.

How do Campbell Wigs create your custom made wig?

  • Initial Consultation

    The Initial Consultation for private client wigs  is £150 and will last for approx 1hr. This consultation can be arranged with us or we can visit you at your home discreetly.

    The Initial Consultation is a chance for us to meet and discuss your wig design. We will take photos and measurements and show you samples of our quality materials. Once we have all the details required we will provide you with a no obligation quote, allowing you to have a think before getting back to us.

    If you are happy with your quote we will require a 50% deposit from you before confirming your order with us.

    Film, TV & Theatre work is designed and priced to order, please contact us to arrange a Design Consultation.

  • Foundation Fit & Hair Check Consultation

    This is a shorter consultation, approx 1/2hr long and is included in the price of your wig.

    The Foundation Fit & Hair Check Consultation is when we check that the handmade lace foundation fits you correctly. You will get the opportunity to feel and thoroughly look at the hair selected for your wig. Once given the green light from you, we will attach the hair into the lace wig foundation according to your specific design requirements. This process takes approx 3-4 weeks and can be completed faster on request.

    Please let us know during your Initial Consultation if you would like a faster turnaround on the completion of your wig.

  • Final Wig Fit & Styling Consultation

    The Wig Fit & Styling Consultation is when an experienced wig hairdresser will cut & style your wig. We will talk you through looking after your wig and show you how to attach it to your head securely. The cost of this consultation is included in your wig price.

    This session will take 2-4hrs and can be done with us, at a preferred salon or discreetly at home, it’s up to you.

    Once you are 100% happy with your completed wig we will process the remaining balance and you will receive your wig, a tailor-made wig block, and a portable holding clamp to assist you in looking after your wig at home.