Every request is unique, here are a few answers to guide you

How much will this all cost me?

Whether requesting bespoke work for a show or a wig for personal wear, every project is unique. Hair length, time and your available budget play a part in building a quote so we focus on collecting all the details first. We are very happy to discuss your project over the phone or via email before taking it to the next stage. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will take it from there.

Seriously, how much does it cost?

An initial 1hr consultation is £150. This time allows us to work in depth to plan out the best hair loss solution for your needs and provide you with a realistic quote to consider.

As an example, a long-haired real hair wig (up to 15″ from the nape) starts at around £2500.00

A short-haired real hair wig or medium hairpiece piece starts from £1500.00

A small fringe real hair piece starts at £800.00

If you’re looking for something longer, on HD lace, with an unusual colour or you need it completed by next week the price will vary.

Good quality acrylic wigs, although not as versatile as real hair can look just as real. We can make these from scratch or even put a new lace front on a good quality factory made real hair wig, creating a new front designed to fit your own hairline for a natural finish.

After your Initial Consultation with us – whether you choose our premium real hair service or prefer a lower-cost acrylic/refront – we will always aim for a natural, wearable and realistic finish.

What hair do you use?

We source hair from a reputable hair merchant. This means that the hair is high-quality, from the same batch, scrupulously clean and ready to go straight on your head. All hair used in wigs is 100% human or high-quality, warm heat resistant acrylic/fibre hair.

We can arrange to use good quality acrylic hair for your project but we do not recommend this for personal, everyday wear.

Facial pieces are made from pre-curled human hair, mohair and yak hair, again all sourced directly from our own hair merchant.

Where is Campbell Wigs based?

We have private consultation spaces in South London (nearest station Coulsdon South) and Hertfordshire. We can arrange to visit your home directly for added discretion. Please email or call us for more information.

Is everything really made by hand?

Absolutely. All of our work is hand-made to your bespoke measurements. If you have a restricted budget or already have a wig but it needs some work let us know and we can work out how to help.

How is the wig attached to my head?

Depending on your personal requirements we design wigs to be attached using medical grade tape, small clips and temporary wig glue (if an open lace wig at the front). We DO NOT glue on wigs for semi-permanent wear. We strongly believe the scalp needs to breathe daily to allow for natural perspiration. All of our wigs can be worn securely all day and removed easily to clean and style.

Can I use my own hair in my wig?

No. We will lose inches and weight when removing it from your head and knotting into your foundation. It is best to start off with a fresh batch of hair that is colour & texture matched to your needs.

I have a unique hair type, can you still help me?


We strive to colour and texture match all hair to your specific and unique requirements.

I want to work for you, how do I go about this?

Campbell Wigs are always on the lookout for exceptional wig making talent.

If that sounds like you, drop us an email with your details and experience and if successful we will get back to you.

We do not currently run a work experience programme but hope to in the future, watch this space!

Quick! I need wigs and facial hair for a film/TV/advert can you help?

We understand film schedules are hectic and decisions are often made last minute. Email us with as much information on the project as possible and we will get back to you asap.

Even if we’re not able to help you last minute we may know someone else who can.

Do I need a qualification to attend a Wig Making Workshop?


We teach wig-making skills to everyone from complete beginners to established West End & Broadway wig dressers and hairdressers.

You may already know how to knot and cut hair but are unsure on wigs, lace & hair knotting directions, every learner is different.

We arrange Wig Making Workshops by the hour and plan the content ahead to suit your needs.

We aim to turn you into a confident and adept wig maker without unnecessarily going over already known skills.

Whether you need to know how to patch up a hole or maybe add a completely new front to an old wig, we are on hand to help utilise and expand on your existing skills.